BRUTAL WALTZ was an album inspired by both my work with Ableton Live and reading the spiritual/metaphysical text A Course in Miracles. The writing is challenging, beautiful, poetic, thought-provoking, and describes a "miracle" as a "shift in perception". The text reminds the reader that each fearful, hateful, angry thought is a detour away from our true nature - which is love. This album is a psychological journey deep through the labyrinth of fear itself, through to the other side where reality is questioned and only love is real. My hope and desire is to musically paint the psychological experience of returning from darkness and fear back to love and light. I have worked with my album producer Danny Echevarria (aka Dan Destiny) to craft a harp-centric sonic palette that is otherworldly and all-encompassing. The album is also meant to showcase the full range of the electroacoustic harp - both the lightness and the beauty that it is best known for, as well as the harshness, noise and altered sounds that are also possible, but less often heard. This album is not only an exploration of mystical themes, but an exploration of the sonic possibilities using only harp, altered harp, synthesized sounds and the human voice.