Republic of Pie - North Hollywood, CA - 1/21/18

Republic of Pie - North Hollywood, CA - 1/21/18

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Katherine Redlus is a classically trained harpist turned singer-songwriter that works with electroacoustic harp and electronics. Her music is a deep dive into gothic, mystical and ethereal themes. She graduated in 2016 from USC Thornton School of Music, where she pursued a masters degree in harp performance with teacher JoAnn Turovsky. Prior to that, she studied at music at New York University and acting at the William Esper Studio in NYC. Interests include new music, all things avant-garde, acting, and working with harp and electronics. She is currently running a crowdfunding campaign in March-April 2018 to finish her debut album for voice, electric harp and electronics, titled BRUTAL WALTZ to be released in December of 2018.

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Katherine Redlus is a classically trained harpist turned singer-songwriter. She is currently working on her first solo album for harp, voice, and electronics - scheduled to be released in late spring of 2018. The project is an exercise in building songs with harp and synthesized/noise sounds only - finding ways to filter the harp to sound like a variety of different things.

She graduated in 2016 with her M.M. in Harp Performance from the University of Southern California, where she studied with JoAnn Turovsky. Previously, she graduated in 2011 with a B.M. in Harp Performance and a minor in Entertainment, Media & Technology from New York University, where she studied with her long time teacher and mentor, Rita Costanzi. While still at NYU, she began studying acting at the Stella Adler Studio in NYC. Upon graduating, she took a brief hiatus from music in order to study acting in the full-time conservatory program at The William Esper Studio, which she graduated from in June of 2013. Since moving to Los Angeles in 2014, she began delving into more new and avant-garde music. In 2015, she performed on harp with Four Larks in their imaginative and award winning production, The Temptation of St. Antony. The production had a second extended run in the fall of 2016, due to audience demand. In Fall of 2017, she returned to play in the Four Larks production of Undine. 


My music is a deep dive into mystical, gothic and ethereal themes. Though my background is extensively classical, my debut album will mark a sharp departure from my training. While at USC Thornton finishing my masters degree, I felt like I really hit a wall in terms of the possibilities for the classical harp. While I have a love for new (classical) music, there is only so much that has been created for harp to participate in new music ensembles and it became extremely discouraging.  Mainly out of frustration, I began learning Ableton Live and exploring what possibilities there were to use an electroacoustic harp and build my own "orchestra" of sounds with only the harp. Once I realized this could be done, a whole new world opened up for me.   I grew up playing classical music and listening to "surf music" such as the Beach Boys which profoundly shape my musical tastes in terms of production and arranging. My influences are fairly wide-ranging, and include: minimalist new music composers such as Phillip Glass, the film music of Danny Elfman, Sigur Ros, Florence + The Machine, Bjork, Muse and so many more...

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My currently untitled debut album was a project inspired by both my work with Ableton Live and reading the spiritual/metaphysical text A Course in Miracles. The writing is challenging, beautiful, poetic, thought-provoking, and describes a "miracle" as a "shift in perception". The text reminds the reader that each fearful, hateful, angry thought is a detour away from our true nature - which is love. This album is a psychological journey deep through the labyrinth of fear itself, through to the other side where reality is questioned and only love is real. My hope and desire is to musically paint the psychological experience of returning from darkness and fear back to love and light. I have worked with my album producer Danny Echevarria (aka Dan Destiny) to craft a harp-centric sonic palette that is otherworldly and all-encompassing. The album is also meant to showcase the full range of the electroacoustic harp - both the lightness and the beauty that it is best known for, as well as the harshness, noise and altered sounds that are also possible, but less often heard. This album is not only an exploration of mystical themes, but an exploration of the sonic possibilities using only harp, altered harp, synthesized sounds and the human voice.  



“Incredible artists have for years crafted brilliant works around their own emotional reckonings, but Katherine Redlus goes above and beyond in her new song “Welcome Home.” A vulnerable and ethereal sonic embrace, Redlus’ “Welcome Home” wraps listeners in waves of self-love and belonging as the emerging artist unravels her own spiritual and emotional journey.” - Mitch Mosk, Atwood Magazine.

"Beautifully written and performed music." - Modestus Mankus, Our Culture Mag.