Keynote Concerts

This is a keynote address that combines the power of storytelling with the magic of music. Featuring live music and three original songs from my album Brutal Waltz - the songs are meant to inspire and reinforce key points throughout the talk and provide audience members the opportunity to reflect and absorb pivotal concepts.


Wellness for Musicians

My mission and passion is that artists of all kinds must stop buying into the myth of “suffering” in order to be creative. As the alchemists of society, I believe all creatives can pave a path for themselves that heals their own pain along with others. Using modalities both western and eastern, I speak about the framework that has helped me become a healthy, thriving artist.


Mental Health & Healing

It’s time to let go of the fear around dealing with mental & behavioral health challenges. I share how we can connect and help others going through crisis, and how we can rebuild our own life after a mental health crisis. I share my own journey from darkness into light and my favorite strategies for overcoming hardship, cultivating resilience, and becoming your own health advocate.

FEATURED ARTICLES, interviews, and Media

My album, BRUTAL WALTZ, is about my journey from darkness into light. In this video I explore how I dealt with anxiety and depression from an early age, and how I have been able to conquer this on an ongoing, daily basis through developing a spiritual practice and caring for my mental health.